Arrangement - write a time-order


"Time Order" is a genre.

It can be:

This sheet is about how to write a time order PARAGRAPH

For time-order sentences, see write a time-order sentence

Invention hint

When you are writing a process paragraph, DRAW a diagram or make a LIST

Topic Sentences



Example Skeleton DESCRIPTIVE Paragraph

This paragraph describes how some thing(s) are made, in seven steps, from ONE to SEVEN. Firstly, step one. Detail on step one (Sato, n.d.). Secondly, step two. Detail on step two (Sato, n.d.). Thirdly, step three. Detail on step three (Sato, n.d.). Next, step four. Detail on step four (Suzuki, 2013). After that, step five. Detail on step five (Suzuki, 2013). Then, step six. Detail on step six (Smith, 2011, July 2). Finally, step seven. Detail on step seven (Smith, 2011, July 2). This paragraph has described how some thing(s) are made, however as mentioned in the introduction the (use/process of making) (them/it) can sometimes cause issues - the following paragraph will look at some of the problems caused.


Details for Instructional

Final comment options for an instructional essay

Now you have "Now you have some tasty mochi"
Do not forget "Do not forget to chew your mochi carefully"
Options "You can add cream or eat it plain"
Recommendation "You should eat it with cream"
Decision (not academic) "I will make some next week for my friend's party"
Link to next paragraph: "That was how it is made. In the next section...."
Other options: write a paragraph summary-link